The Fault In Our Stars by John Green | Homework Helpers Online

Part I:
Based on the Sentence Outline Template, write sentences for each delineation within the template so you have important ideas and information for your essay. Do not delete the labels for each delineation; however, you may alter or adjust those labels as needed.

Use the following helpful tips as you develop your sentence outline for that essay:

Part II:
Begin your essay with an introduction that includes the title and author of the novel, an introduction to the theme you will discuss in the body of your essay, and a thesis sentence at the end of the introduction that includes the topic of your essay, your claim about that topic, and a list of the main ideas you will use to support and prove that claim.

Provide adequate and relevant support and proof from the book “The Fault In Our Stars” for your thesis claim as you develop the body of your essay (this is not a research essay so sources other than the book are not needed. It should be written in third person.

Include MLA 8 in text citations (including parenthetical citations) for all source ideas referenced from the book;

Include an MLA 8 work cited listing the source citation for the novel you read and reference. Note that the novel is the only source you will list in your work cited.

Provide a comprehensive conclusion that reiterates your thesis ideas, synthesizes the body of your essay, and offers your reader closure.

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