The American Red Cross Essay

Research THE AMERICAN RED CROSS. Determine how the organization or agency contributes to public health and safety improvements, promotes equal opportunity, and improves the quality of life within the community.

-Submit your findings in a APA 3–5-page report.

Graded Requirements The research requirements, outlined below, correspond to the grading criteria in the assessment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point.

Explain how the organization’s mission and vision enable it to contribute to public health and safety improvements.

Include examples of ways a local and/or global initiative supports organizational mission and vision and promotes public health and safety.

o Evaluate an organization’s ability to promote equal opportunity and improve the quality of life in the community.

Consider the effects of social, cultural, economic, and physical barriers.

o Assess the impact of funding sources, policy, and legislation on the organization’s provision of services.

Consider the potential implications of funding decisions, policy, and legislation for individuals, families, and aggregates within the community.

o Explain how an organization’s work impacts the health and/or safety needs of a local community. Consider how nurses might become involved with the organization.


Please pick at least 3 references from below

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