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The reading this week covers use of surveys in research and will be valuable as you work on this component of your Capstone Project.

  • Hilton, T. P., Fawson, P. R., Sullivan, T. J., DeJong, C. R. (2020). Applied social research: A tool for the human services (10th ed.). Springer.
    • Chapter 7, “Survey Research,” pages 185–226.

Find a Survey

To be prepared for the discussion activity this week, find a survey that you believe will be suited for your capstone project. You may modify some of the questions as needed. PyscTESTS attached to assignment.

I have already attached the PsycTESTS to the assignment so you do not have to do the following below.

  • Scroll down to the “P” category and click on PsycTESTS.
  • Enter search terms for your topic in the search field. (Homelessness)
  • Review the options and select a survey you believe would be appropriate for your project. You can modify survey questions for your proposal.


Survey Instruments

In your initial post, attach a copy of the survey instrument you located.

  • Discuss how the chosen survey can help answer your proposed question and identify the population you would survey.
  • Which question would need to be modified on the chosen survey and how would you modify them?
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