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Project 1

For Project 1, you have the option of selecting between Survey Design & Analysis or Exponential Growth. The descriptions of each are provided below. Final submission due by Sunday of Week 4 at 11:59 pm CT.

Option #1: Survey & Design Project
You will create and distribute a survey, analyze the data from the survey, and present your findings in written format. The survey must have three questions. It should be a mix of one numerical question and two categorical questions. The survey must have a theme.

The survey must collect data from a minimum of 25 people. It is recommended that you use some sort of online method to collect the survey data such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey. Methods for distributing surveys include using social media platforms.

You must submit a written report of the results of the survey, which will include the following:

Title page – This is the cover for the report, formatted in APA style.
Introduction – Explain the theme of the survey and why it was chosen, how and why the questions were determined, and how the subjects of the survey were chosen.
A copy of the survey.
A frequency table for each question, generated using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. These can be pasted into the report.
Each question should have an appropriate graphical representation of the results, generated using Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. These can be pasted into the report.
Conclusion – Summarize the findings of the survey. Report on any surprises or interesting findings.
Submit the raw data collected from the survey via spreadsheet format.
Your final submission must include the written report as a Word doc or PDF format, as well as a spreadsheet of raw data collected.

Grading Criteria
Please refer to the Survey Design & Analysis Rubric for additional guidance.

Option #2: Exponential Growth Project
In the popular movie and book, Pay it Forward, a student is challenged by his teacher to find a way to change the world. The student decides to help three people in need, and after doing so tells each of those three people to help three more people in need, and so on. Hence the saying “Pay it Forward”. Let’s take this idea and roll with it, and explore the mathematics behind this process.

Using the above scenario as the guiding prompt for the project, you will first create a Tree Diagram that models this scenario for four rounds. Use Google Drawings or another diagram creating program.

Then, using any table generating program, create a table of values that shows the number of people helped per round for six rounds. From your created table, derive the equation that models the results.

Using Desmos, construct a graph of the derived equation and save the graph as a PDF.

You will produce a report that includes the tree diagram, table, derived equation, and graph, as well as a brief 2-3 paragraph analysis which will include the following:

Connection of the results to that of linear growth and exponential growth and state which of the two is being represented by this scenario and why it’s the better fit.
State a prediction based off the equation and/or graph for how many people will have been helped after 10 rounds. Is this surprising?
Interpret the existence of y-intercepts and x-intercepts of the graph. If they exist, state what they are. If they do not exist, explain why.
Your final submission includes the written report as a Word doc or PDF format.

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