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First Requirement
Study, read and review and scan the following before attempting the Strategic Point Paper:
C299RA – Guide to Strategic Estimate Development, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, US Army Command and General Staff College, Department of Joint, Interagency and Multinational Operations (12 pages) Click for more options
C299RB – JP 5-0, Joint Planning, 16 June 2017, pages II-8 – II-9, paragraph 9b, “Strategic Estimate” and Appendix B, “Strategic Estimate” Washington, DC: GPO, (4 pages) Click for more options .
C206RB – US European Command’s 2019 Posture Statement to the Senate Armed Services Click for more options
C205RB – The National Security Strategy of the United States, December 2017 Click for more options
C205RC – Summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States of America Click for more options
C299RC – Chapter 8: Russia’s Kaliningrad Exclave: Discontinuity as a Threat to Sovereignty, in Borderlines and Borderlands, by Alexander C Diener and Joshua Hagen, pages 121-136 (13 pages) Click for more options

Second Requirement
Produce a Point Paper for the EUCOM Commander to use in congressional testimony.
As a member of a national Joint Planning Group (JPG) of the U.S. European Command (EUCOM J5), your JPG has completed an update of the Strategic Estimate* for the Baltic Region to get the Commander up to speed on the situation in the region regarding Kaliningrad and provide the basis for a commander’s estimate, and if necessary, development of plans.

Following the successful briefing of the Strategic Estimate (where it was approved), the Combatant Commander learned that he would have to travel to Washington to join the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at congressional hearings on the situation in the Baltic region regarding Kaliningrad. You have been tasked to prepare a Point Paper for the Combatant Commander to use in testimony before congressional committees and in meetings in Washington regarding Kaliningrad. The intent is to provide analysis of the Strategic Estimate regarding Kaliningrad.
Specific instructions regarding the Point Paper assignment is located in the folder for the C299 Strategic Estimate on Blackboard.

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