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Quantitative Reasoning Math 110

You will be put in a scenario where you have inherited $10,000, and will invest that amount into the stock market and track stock performance over a three-day period. This tracking must be done during a Monday-Friday window of time. Before choosing stocks, you will need to research them by visiting the New York Stock Exchange website. A Company Summary Sheet will be completed that shows information pertaining to each purchased stock.

You must invest all of your money into 5 selected stocks. You may purchase as many shares as desired per stock, without exceeding the $10,000. You will complete a data sheet that tracks the opening and closing prices of your purchased stocks over the three-day period. Once the three-day period has ended, you will sell your purchased stocks and record the net gain/net loss, and summarize the results of your purchased stocks’ performance.

Using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, create a line graph of each stock’s performance over the three-day period as well as create a pie graph displaying how the inherited $10,000 was invested.

You will write a 500-word minimum written report which will include the following:

Why each stock was chosen
What was the final outcome for each stock.
Were there any surprises?
Were there any trends in the purchased stocks?
Current events that may have affected the purchased stocks.
The final amount of money following the selling of all stocks.
A reflection of what was learned through this experience
Images of the line and pie graphs (these do not count toward word count).
Your final Submission includes the completed Company Summary Sheet, Stock Tracking sheet, and written report in Word doc format.

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