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Prepare an informative PowerPoint presentation to provide your classmates with resource ideas regarding the most effective strategies used to teach students with special needs, either in the classroom or in tutoring sessions.
Enlighten and motivate fellow teachers with guidelines, tips, blogs and websites, and several usable strategies they can use to meet the needs of struggling students. These ideas must be based on scholarly best practices. You can find information about scholarly best practices in quality books, approved websites, and scholarly articles.
Include a list of valuable websites or books with in-text citations that include page numbers and include a reference page so the teacher will be able to locate the sources you used to get more information.
Save your PPT in Google Drive, enable sharing (Everyone at RU with the link) and paste the LINK in the assignment’s submission area and in the forum. After pasting the link, highlight it and click the “Link” icon in the toolbar. Paste the URL, tick “Open in new window” and tap “Create link.”
PowerPoint Outline
Your PowerPoint presentation should include five sections.
You will need to include in-text citations as needed and speaker notes at the bottom of each slide OR include voice-overs. You do not need to do both speaker notes and voice-overs.


Section 1 (10 points)

Your introductory slide(s) should include the name of your unit. (Be creative with your title to gain your audience’s interest.) Also include your name, the assignment due date, the class name, and the instructor’s name. You will also be graded on visual appeal and presentation.

Section 2

(20 points)

This section should include a general summary of 3-5 effective strategies you discovered and how each strategy has been found to be effective based on research. You may include strategies for reading, attention, writing, spelling, speech, language, social issues, etc. You may have a variety, or you may focus on one learning or behavior issue or disability.

Section 3
(30 points)

Section 3 should include a detailed review of how each strategy works.

Section 4 (30 points)

This section will likely be your longest section. The goal of this section is to explain the strategies and help the teachers remember how to use the strategies. Include samples of materials, resources, worksheets, links, pictures of students doing the activities, etc.

Section 5 (10 points)

APA References

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