Software Requirements Specification Document


Now that you have gathered and analyzed your list of requirements and created use case narratives, it is time to dive into the actual software requirements specification to guide the app’s development. The SRS is also a stakeholder contract that can be reviewed, evaluated, and consulted. It is important to fully document all of the functional and nonfunctional requirements as part of the SRS document.

In this assignment, you will create a software requirements specification document for the app.


Review or download the following from the Resources:

  • CapraTek: Project Introduction.
  • CapraTek: Project Stakeholder and User Interviews.
  • SRS Template.


Complete the SRS Template using the information that you have documented in prior assignments.

Make sure to do the following:

  • Complete the SRS Template with information that accurately reflects product requirements and business problems.
  • Complete all elements in the Overall Description section of the SRS Template to provide an effective product description.
  • Explain the nonfunctional requirements provided by stakeholders and users.
  • Explain the external interface requirements so that they are comprehensive and clearly understandable to developers.
  • Complete the appendix of the SRS Template in an accurate manner.



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