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Socialism and social thinking

Address one of the following bulleted question-clusters in essay format:
* Option 1: Although socialism was not a completely unified movement, its proponents generally shared a core set of beliefs. Based upon your reading of the primary documents in the “Working with Evidence” section of the text, what are some of socialism’s essential criticisms of capitalism? How did opponents of socialism express their opposition? What was it that socialism’s opponents most feared?
* Option 2: To what extent did socialist thinking in the period between 1800 and 1914 reflect the issues of the Atlantic Revolutions explored in the previous chapter? In what ways did socialist thinking depart from those earlier revolutionary upheavals?
Your thesis statement should reflect the question-cluster you have chosen. Be sure to base your response on the documents themselves and the information provided in the preceding chapter. As you plan your essay, refer to the Assignment Expectations provided in the course Content area. Read and refer to the very first “Working with Evidence” section found early in the textbook in before Chapter 13 —it offers guidance on analyzing primary sources.

Please review the attached media for instructions Must be 400-600 words, Chicago manual, cite pages from the text.

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