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For this assignment, write a concise and articulate short answer report clearly answering the points below (limited in total to a maximum of 750 words):

1. Find: a) one US patent issued with Paul Allenza (one of the UMGC biotechnology instructors) as one of the inventors, giving details of title, identifier, filing date, and date granted and b) the same information for one PCT-filed application with Allenza list as one of the inventors that never became a US-issued patent.

2. Describe two possible reasons why some PCT applications [e.g. some of Paul Allenza’s PCT published applications] may never show up as US issued patents but may show up as patents issued in other countries.

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3. A PCT-filed application that is not an issued patent related to detection or treatment of SARS / coronavirus – please provide the PCT application identifier, filing date and title and which countries there has been an application filled during the national phase.

4. Your company is interested in licensing U.S. Patent US10253365B1 to develop a diagnostic kit to detect COVID-19 (and eventually other infectious diseases). Describe some of the considerations you would recommend to your company in negotiating a license for this technology from the University of California.
5. What impact has the PCT had on the US patent system? Describe why the Treaty, and the patent database search tools that it has enabled, are important for a biotechnology company in the US.

Here are some resources that may be helpful in answering these essay questions:

US Patent Office:
Google Patents:

Grading Details

What: 1 intellectual property assignment posted in your Assignments Folder. The assignment should be no more than 750 words using APA format for citations and references.

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