Security Policy- Homework Help


  • Identify a complete list of security standards that must be addressed in a comprehensive solution for the organization.
  • Discuss legal and regulatory issues that must be considered in relation to the management of information assets.
  • Design a comprehensive security solution that meets the needs of a global organization.
    • Identify the steps that you took throughout the quarter to ensure that your security solution will succeed internationally, and describe how you addressed globalization in your security design.
    • Look at global privacy and security concerns.
    • For your final submission, include all your previous work for Weeks 1–4 as part of this submission. Review the feedback that your instructor provided throughout the quarter and use it to finalize your organization’s security solution.
  • You are encouraged to provide resources and citations. Any references should be formatted according to APA style (see Evidence and APA for more information).

Additionally, this week’s assignment must be completed using the Course Project Template [DOCX] – this is an attached file in the order.


Note: Make sure that your paper is written in a professional tone, is free of errors, and that APA formatting is applied throughout. Refer to the scoring guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assignment. Once complete, submit your document in the assignment area.

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