Reflection Assignment #4: Health Campaign Reflection

For your final reflection assignment, please watch the “Man Therapy” campaign video and review the attached white paper on the outreach and impact of the campaign on men’s mental health. Using Chapter 14 and the attached white paper, please:

  • Describe ONE way this campaign could influence behavior change using one of the theories of behavior change from the book. Using at least THREE concepts from your book on Designing Campaign Messages (Step 5), discuss which strategies this campaign used to connect to their audience, and after reviewing the white paper on the campaign, describe how the campaign evaluated the efficacy and outcomes of the campaign (Step 7). Do NOT simply copy wording from the book in your descriptions, but explain the concepts in your own words and apply them to the campaign (8 points)


  • The book concepts must connect coherently with your examples from the campaign (7 points)


  • At a minimum, you should have an introduction, a paragraph on each concept, at least two paragraphs on how your example connects to the book concepts, an overall impression of how your examples connect to the concepts in the book, and a conclusion (5 points)


  • Each reflection assignment should be 3-4 pages typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman or Calibri 12-point font (5 points)


Hypothetical examples may include:

Social cognitive theory: describe how this theory may influence behavior change through this campaign by influencing social approval

Step 5 (designing campaign messages): who is the voice of the campaign? How do they use logic, emotion, or novelty?



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