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Sonika gets up at 6am and goes for her hobby classes. Then she comes back home and finished her homework before going to school. She does all work by herself. No one tells her to do so . This called________
a) Self-awareness
b) Self-motivation
c) Self-regulation
d) Discipline​


High expectations from self can leave one with chronic anxiety and stress , thus leading to ___________ stress

(a) Physical
(b) Emotional
(c) Mental
(d) Financial​

A _______ operating system is a computing environment that reacts to input within a specific period of time.

a. Single User

b. Multi-User

c. Real Time

d. Distribute

_______communication is the use of body language, gestures and facial expressions to convey information to others.

a. Verbal

b. Written

c. Non-Verbal

d. Visual

__________feedback is specific information, in the form of written comments or verbal conversations that help the learner understand what she or he needs to do in order to improve

a. Descriptive

b. Specific

c. General

d. Sign


” You won the scholarship. Congratulation!” Mary told me.

a. Mary suggested me winning the scholarship.

b. Mary congratulated me of winning the scholarship.

c. Mary thanked me for winning the scholarship

d. Mary congratulated me on winning the scholarship.


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