Provide the minutes from your Non-Profit Organization’s Community Collaborative Presentation that you facilitated

The assignment indicates: “Please provide the minutes from your Non-Profit Organization’s Community Collaborative Presentation that you facilitated.”

For each thread and reply, you must support your assertions with the course material, pertinent examples, and thoughtful analysis. Each reply should also
incorporate Biblical principles and experiences. All posts and citations must be in the current APA format. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years.

“Minutes” refer to the notes from an official meeting that capture what happened at the meeting and any key decisions/discussions that occurred during that meeting. So in other words, pretend that you are the board Secretary at that meeting and were taking notes of the presentation (yours) and what transpired as a result — key discussions among the community stakeholders and decisions made. This should not simply be a repeat of your Community Collaborative presentation although hitting 2-3 highlights would be good. Based on the concerns that community stakeholders had coming into that meeting (While preparing for the Community Collaborative Meeting, several stakeholders from the community have sent emails to the CEO specific to concerns surrounding the budget and when this was ratified by the board. The email also addressed the community’s uneasiness that the services will only highlight problems and give the community a bad name and asked how the organization will even know if the services are successful. To address these concerns before they become community complaints, you decided that this
information will be addressed in the presentation itself. ), to what degree were those concerns addressed? Did anything else happen during that meeting of import? Since rarely does a meeting like this happen and the result is “and everybody lived happily ever after”, provide some gritty reality to your minutes about what transpired.

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