Prompt 2: Literary Service Announcement (LSA) Assignment

You have had a relationship with archetypes since a young age—Carl Jung might argue this is true since your conception. In fact, many movies and sitcoms use archetypes as part of their humor (think of the hero in “Spiderman,” or the villainous Joker in “Batman”). Throughout this unit, you have identified common archetypes across ancient and modern texts and visuals.

Choose the ONE archetype you most relate to, recognize, and/or like.

Create a public service announcement that educates your audience on the role of the archetype as well as persuades them that your archetype is one of the greatest—most common, most powerful, most dynamic (changes the most), most unique, etc.

The guidelines for the LSA are below.

I look forward to your LSA! Be as creative as you want!

In your LSA you should…


inform the reader of the common uses of the archetype.
give examples.

include content that is developed and shows mature thought.

ensure ideas are organized strategically.

ensure grammar and spelling are polished.


ensure word choice is purposeful.

ensure rhetoric is used effectively.

ensure presentation is geared towards audience.

ensure excellent use of creativity in some form to sell your archetype.

use creative elements (examples include images, music, modern day connections, performance).

Pay attention to Length

Videos must be 30 seconds long. Can go up to 1:00. No longer than 1:00. Include words/captions.

Power points must be 8-10 slides (not including the title and reference slides)–with main points bulletted on each slide, and 25-50 words per slide.

Below are samples done by students (you must come up with your own idea).

Archetype Sample

LSA1-Mask Archetype

LSA2-Beast Archetype

LSA3-Devil Figure Archetype

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