Professional Integration I

Concept Paper 1 Assignment 

Instructions: Write a paper for an audience of your peers about a concept exemplar you are assigned. This paper is completed in two sections. This paper should not be a series of quotes from the literature, but a synthesis of the literature related to the concept. Use subheadings for each of the major areas listed below.




  1. Provide a brief one paragraph introduction
  2. Define your concept exemplar. In this section make it clear what you notice and how you know it when you see it and what it is not.  Include important assessment data. Concept analysis papers can be helpful in writing this section.
  3. Be certain to include a variety of viewpoints/definitions (nursing and other such as psychology) and do not use only Taber’s or other dictionary definitions.
  4. Make certain you clearly identify the nursing perspective/definition including standard language (NANDA) definition.
14 Noticing and Interpreting using Nursing Knowledge:

  1. How is the concept exemplar important/significant to nursing?
  2. How has the nursing literature approached this topic? Summarize the most important areas that have been studied.
  3. Include at least three scholarly nursing references total for this section (one actual completed research study).
  4. Please do not go into interventions in detail here as this is in concept paper part 2.
20 Interpreting – How the Concept Exemplar Works:

  1. This is the mechanism of action for the concept. For some of the topics this will be more related to pathophysiology and for others this will be psychosocial.
  2. Include a model or diagram that depicts how the concept exemplar develops or happens, including the underlying science. Make certain to include the related influencing factors. Use scholarly references.
  3. Include at least 2 scholarly references for this section
  4. Conclusion paragraph
  1. Paper does not exceed the 5-page limit
  1. APA formatting: Title page, reference page, in-text citation, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure.
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