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For this week, you are to complete the following components:

  • Describe at least three threats and vulnerabilities associated with physical security.
  • Define at least two physical security strategies for protecting each of the following categories in the company:
    • Data.
    • Human resources.
    • Hardware.
  • Describe strategies for protecting the company’s network perimeter from external threats.
  • Describe strategies for protecting the company’s internal and external network traffic, and identify at least two network security tools you would consider utilizing.
  • Define at least two policies or guidelines that you recommend including in the organization’s physical security manual.
  • You are encouraged to provide resources and citations. Any references should be formatted according to APA style (see Evidence and APA for more information).

Additionally, this week’s assignment must be completed using the Course Project Template [DOCX].


What You Need to Know

Physical and Network Security

In your The Basics of Information Security text, read the following:

  • Chapter 8, “Human Element Security,” pages 119–129.
  • Chapter 9, “Physical Security,” pages 131–149.
  • Chapter 10, “Network Security,” pages 151–169.

Security Controls

Network Security

Cichonski, P., Millar, T., Grance, T., & Scarfone, K. (2012, August). Computer incident handling guide [PDF]. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

  • Skim entire document, pages 1–70

Business Continuity

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