Open-Source Intelligence

Category 7: Open-Source Intelligence

Use the internet to research this problem.


Challenge            Instructions

7-1         UMGC had an Improving University Teaching Conference from July 21-24, 1997. What city hosted it?

7-2         On May 26, 2002, UMGC held a graduation ceremony in Heidelberg and which other city?

7-3         What is the 10-digit phone number to reach the technical contact of the University of Maryland College Park?

7-4         How many games did the Brooklyn Superbas lose in 1904?

7-5         How many games did the Boston Bees win in 1936?

7-6         Find the MD5 hash (all CAPS) of the Win-Zip 6.3 (SR-1) file.

7-7         Most likely, which National Football League team is Jesse Varsalone’s favorite? Jesse is a professor at the University of Maryland Global Campus.

7-8         What is the full name of the subdomain under that starts with an ‘g’?

7-9         What was the Apache web server version for in 2011?

Answer format: #.#.##


7-10       Find Cain and Abel version 3.9 on the internet,

Provide the MD5 hash of the install file. (all caps)

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