NSG4069 COVID19 Presentation Assignment Instructions

Student will complete Individual COVID19 presentations on assigned COVID19 Topic

TOPIC: Coronavirus impact

(nursing home, independent living and assisted living facilities, adult daycares, personal home, Saving Our Seniors etc.)********


For your selected COVID19 topic address the following bullet points below in a PPT presentation with speaker notes (Minimum 15 slides-does not include reference slide(s)):


· Why is your selected population at risk of COVID19?

· Estimated number affected by COVID19 for your selected population.

· What is the economic impact for your selected population?

· Identify cultural disparities related to COVID19 for your selected population.

· What local community resources are available for individuals from your selected population?

· Identify the local state (FLORIDA) and federal government response to COVID19 for your selected population.

· Include pictures from weekly windshield surveys; brochure/mission/vision statements from community agencies etc. Don’t worry about this bullet point

· Other important details

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