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Case History – Myocarditis – Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective/Analysis

Male age 44 CR

Presenting problem
Myocarditis – diagnosed July 2021. Non-traditional heart attack following on from multiple covid
infections and 2nd Astra Zeneca vaccination (1st jab Mar 2021 / 2nd jab Jun 2021). Patient is
extremely tired/lethargic, experiencing occasional chest pains. Pale pallor. Shortness of breath,
worse on exertion.

Patient was in hospital for 5 days under observation at time of heart attack.

ECG – non conclusive (at time of admission to A&E)
Troponin levels – very high, indicative of cardiac event
MRI – confirmed acute myocarditis
Angiogram – came back clear with no sign of issue with arteries

Prior to cardiac event, patient was otherwise healthy. Exercises regularly. Practises Wim Hof

Medical history
Car crash at 18. Pneumothorax resulting in collapsed lung. Ruptured liver

Bisoprolol Fumurate 2.5mg 1xpd
Atorvastatin 80mg 1xpd
Ramipril 2.5mg 1xpd
Ibuprofen and Paracetamol when needed
Vit D
Vit C

Other signs and symptoms
Mood changes
Low moments
Some anxiety
Heart palpitations
Pulse; Weak, deep in rear positions

Tongue; Swollen, centre crack. No coating, wet. Pale


TCM Analysis – based on the attached file with the case history
1. Aetiology and Pathology
2. Diagnosis: listing all the signs and symptoms from all diagnostic methods that informed
your answer, explaining the key factors that informed your decision.
3. Differential diagnosis (how else might you understand the case)
4. Uncertainties (what aspects can you not reconcile, confuse you)
5. Treatment principle and strategy in order of priority
6. Treatment plan including how many acupuncture treatments you would offer
7. Points prescription
8. Other treatment modalitie. (e.g. cupping or moxa) with rationale
9. Further questions you wish to ask the patient or other diagnostic methods you would like
to perform
10. Limitations of treatment and prognosis
11. Naturopathic advice for the patient
12. Any letters that need to be sent, further information, diagnostic tests, lab tests
collected. List of herbs and supplements they currently take
13. Harvard References. Use evidence of wide reading

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