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Minority Student Clubs: Whether these clubs are segregation or integration in college campuses: Read pages 269-278 ( book “They say I say” with readings) “Minority Student Clubs: Segregation or Integration?” by Gabriela Moro and then from there, select one more essay or work from the library (the source may be a PDF file if you choose, but does need to be a researched article that has been peer reviewed and published).

Compose a written argument that includes the essay from They Say, I Say and the external source used from the library and then compose an essay that is 4-5 pages and includes the works cited page in addition. Your goal is to make a written argumentative essay which either agrees with the author’s point of view (even though Essay #3 seems to be more neutral) or disagrees with it (and the choice is yours, but do make a point of having a central point of view or thesis statement which agrees or disagrees with the author’s point of view.

The grade on this assignment will be out of 20 points based on the following breakdown:

1) How well developed the introduction is (4 points);

2) How well written the thesis statement is designed (4 points);

3) How well the supporting details are written and explained (4 points);

4) How well you are citing from the 2 sources- They Say, I Say and the external source from the library- yes, your essay is required to have quotes! (4 points);

5) The works cited page at the end- and remember, it is required and will be subject to a four-point deduction if it is not included! (4 points).

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