MGMT2001 Human Resource Management Project


The purpose of this project is to allow you to assume the role of a Human Resources professional while completing each component of the project. The project mirrors the steps that HR professionals use to recruit and onboard qualified employees. You will apply your knowledge of HR best practices that are introduced in the weekly readings and other resources, throughout this project. You will also conduct research as appropriate and provide citations. In Part 1 you will identify the position and create a job description. Continuing with the same employment position, Part 2 focuses on the steps needed to identify appropriate recruitment sources and creating a selection process. In Part 3 you will summarize your plan for the recruitment & onboarding processes in a narrated presentation.

This project is a great opportunity to refine your HR skills in a job or industry that you are interested in pursuing.


Project Part 1: Job Description

· Due in Week 4

· Points : 100

Introduction: Accurate and well-written job descriptions are extremely important. Using job descriptions will help an organization better understand the experience and skill base needed to enhance the success of the company. They help in the hiring, evaluation and potentially terminating of employees. All too often, there is a misunderstanding of what a position entails and a well-prepared job description can help both sides share a common understanding.



Select a specific full-time position (by Job Title) that you want to use throughout the assignments. I suggest that you choose a straightforward job with clear cut duties, responsibilities, specifications and qualifications; or perhaps a job title you intend to undertake after graduation. Knowing the most you can about a new position often helps you to become more successful in getting that job. The goal of these assignments and the project is for you to be proficient in the process. Once you are proficient, you can apply the process to any position. Note: internships or part-time positions cannot be used for this project.

1. [Position Name] Overview

a. Main duties and activities.

Conduct research online to locate 3 examples for the position you selected. Based on these examples you find posted online, author a brief written narrative describing the daily activities of the job. [Include the examples you found in the Appendix].


b. Knowledge, skills, or capabilities necessary to successfully complete the job. These should include:

· Routine tasks – tasks that you would expect the person in this position to perform on a regular basis

· Adaptive Way(s) you would expect the person in this position to perform tasks when situations/circumstances change. These might be considered contingencies.

· Creative Way(s) you would expect the person in this position to perform tasks when routine and adaptive methods are not sufficient or will not work.

2. Job Description

After completing your written narrative, create a Job Description in your own words. Please use the Job Description Template (docx) in ulearn to create a job description which includes specifics for each of the following areas:

a. Job Purpose.

b. Job Duties and Responsibilities.

c. Job Qualifications.

Note: Please insert a Page Break before and after the Job Description.

3. Conclusion:

a. Explain why your final job description is enough to use as it relates to the employee life cycle.

b. Explain the potential issues or concerns that exist when organizations choose not to use job descriptions.

4. Works Cited

5. Appendix (if needed)





Project Part 2: Employee Recruitment & Selection

· Due in Week 5

· Points : 100

Introduction In Part 1 of the project, you conducted research to use as you created a job description for a specific employment position.

In this part you will now explore and discuss the steps needed to identify appropriate recruitment sources and create a selection process based on the same employment position.


1. Recruitment Sources

Goal: to identify appropriate places that companies use to recruit for the position you explored in your Project Part 1.

Conduct a Google Search for the job title to identify employee recruitment resources. Examples may include job boards, industry magazines, professional organizations, newspapers, company websites or blogs.

a) Analyze the possibilities and summarize your research in a chart. Be sure to consider if the resources you include are credible.

b) Review the chart and select at least (2) sources that will help your recruit qualified job candidates. Include your rationale for the selection.


2. Selection Process

Goal: to create a selection process.

a) Conduct a Google search to research how you will create an employment selection process. Summarize your research results and make initial decisions based on your research. For example,

· Should there be a capability or cognitive test used? Explain.

· Are you going to interview all candidates? Some?

· How will you determine how many you will interview? How many interviews per candidate?

b) Based on your research create a plan to organize the process of recruiting and selecting job candidates to fill the position.

· You MUST have at least an interview stage.

· Write at least (7) seven legal and situational interview questions that are specific for this level of position. These questions must be written in your own words.

· You could find and apply a selection process chart as an example here. It does not have to be an exact match.

· The use of existing exhibits, charts, and real examples from your research should form the basis for your decision making and rationale for your final choices.



3. Job Posting

Goal: to create an original job posting for this position.

In #1 above of this section you researched actual job postings from reliable recruitment sources.

a) Based on this research, create a job posting for two (2) of these sources. Explain, based on the examples you are providing how your posting is more effective, legally compliant, and is designed to attract the “right” candidate. The new postings must be written in your own words and should be an improvement on the ones you found during your research.

4. Conclusion

a. Explain why your final selection process is sufficient to use as it relates to the employee life cycle.

b. Explain the potential issues or concerns that exist when organizations choose not to use job descriptions.

5. Works Cited

6. Appendix



Project Part 3: Recruitment & Selection Process

· Due Week 7

· Points: 100

In this final project section, you will present your findings in a narrated PowerPoint. For step-by-step instructions on creating presentations and submitting them in ulearn, please refer to the user guides in ulearn.

Introduction: In order to increase efficiency in the hiring and retention of employees and to ensure consistency and compliance in the recruitment and selection process, it is, recommended that the following steps be followed (refer to the Staff Recruitment and Selection Hiring Checklist provided on ulearn). Details for each step include the minimum recommended best practice to attract a talented and diverse applicant pool. Instructions and Requirements: In this section you will develop a detailed Interview and Selection process. As in previous sections of the project, you are not creating this from scratch. You are expected to use existing examples from which you will make modifications for the employment position chosen in project section one. Presentation Requirements:

· In your presentation, you are expected to use real company examples you find on websites, in articles, or any other credible sources. Reference your sources in the presentation as you are explaining or discussing the questions posed.

· Read or display each of the questions posed below in your presentation before you start answering it. This enables you to be as visual as you can be in your explanations.

· Your slides should complement your narrative, not the other way around. Less is more when it comes to text on slides.

· Your presentation should be no longer than 8 minutes.

Project PART 3: Recruitment & Selection Process – Narrated PowerPoint/Video

1. Introduction

Start by introducing yourself and the topic of your presentation. Include the title of your chosen position.

2. Interview

a. What is the purpose of the interview as a selection tool?

· Are there better selection tools?

b. Provide criteria and rationale for selecting the final candidates for interviews.

c. How many interviews per candidate will be conducted and with whom. Provide a rationale for this decision.

d. Suggest 5 specific and relevant (job-related) and legally defensible interview questions for each interview level.

Note! Do not ask for information that the applicant has already provided in the application and resume.

e. Find a sample of an existing interview evaluation sheet that uses a Likert scale. Provide a rationale for the form.


3. Selection

a. Based on your research from credible sources, present a final selection process for a theoretical last group of qualified candidates. Present your Selection Process in a Flow Chart style image. MS Word SmartArt might be a helpful tool for this.

4. Communications

a. Find a sample of a formal rejection email that can be used in communications with candidates who are not selected. Discuss pros and cons of this document.

b. Find a sample of a formal email that can be used in communications with the candidate who is selected. Discuss pros and cons of this document

c. Find a sample of a hiring information packet that accompanies the offer letter to the chosen candidate. Discuss pros and cons of this document.

5. Onboarding

Based on your research from credible sources discuss the purpose of the onboarding process.

a. Discuss the purpose of the onboarding process. Who should be part of the onboarding process? What role would each person play? Why do you feel that it is important that these people are part of the onboarding process?

b. Find a sample of an appropriate and detailed onboarding plan for the position chosen.

Note! This is a great opportunity to add an embedded video as a visual referenceIf you choose to include a video, please select one that is no longer than 10 minutes.

c. In addition to the physical work environment and tools needed to perform the chosen employment position; what other aspects of the onboarding process must be present to ensure new employees are successfully integrated into the organizations’ culture?

d. Discuss pros and cons of assigning a mentor.

6. Conclusion

a. Explain why your final HR processes and programs are sufficient to use as it relates to the employee life cycle.

b. Describe potential issues or concerns that could surface after hiring, when organizations choose not to utilize these types of HR processes.

7. Works Cited

· Provide a separate slide for your Works Cited (PowerPoint)

· Submit a Word document with your Works Cited separately (Video only)

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