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Read it, and then write a clear and concise memo (2 pages in length, typed and single-spaced). The memo should be written as if to a supervisor in the workplace, who presumably knows little or nothing about volunteer management. The memo should provide the following basic information:

Summary of the article (about 1 page in length): This section should summarize the research questions, key concepts and/or theories, and main findings and/or conclusions.

Reflection on the article (about 1 page in length): This section should describe your thoughts, feelings, ideas, inspirations, etc. in response to reading the article. You could describe how you think that this article may be relevant in the “real world” — beyond the context in the journal article. It could be based on other readings in the class including the textbook, your own experience in managing volunteers, your own experience being a volunteer, a story in a newspaper or magazine, etc. Be creative!

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