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John Carpenter’ The Thing auteurism on how it addressed Aids and Toxic Masculinity in the 80’S

Analyze, John Carpenter’ The Thing applying auteurism in how he made the film his own using the book and 1950’s version of the film alongside notions of fandom and feminist theory to show how Carpenter film explicitly Parallels the Gay and Aids panic of the eairly 80’s while also showing toxic Masculinity with a lack of female characters.

Below is the prompt along with links to most of the resources I have included. I have also included a paper I wrote on the same film that you can pull things from.
Your final assignment is a case study designed to help you master your critical thinking and research skills. The project will require you to synthesize the various theoretical perspectives from class and to conduct in-depth research on a particular text within its cultural, industrial, technological, and social context.
Drawing on academic scholarship and research, you will write a paper critically interpreting a film or TV program or internet object or video game of your choice and making an argument about its authorship. You should apply several theoretical and practical approaches from class in your examination. These interventions may draw from, but are not limited to: auteurism, post-structuralist theory, feminism, spectatorship, collaboration, fandom, studio authorship, acting, law, globalization, critical race theory, and the challenges of new media.
For example, you might analyze The Godfather, applying post-structuralist and feminist theory alongside collaborative notions of authorship to show how Francis Ford Coppola’s film explicitly reinforces traditional notions of patriarchy and the American Dream while also implicitly serving as an indictment of Italiancity and American capitalism.
Your analysis should clearly describe the approaches you are using and should be 8-10 pages in total length and include a minimum of five different academic sources and five different trade/popular/archival sources as well as a bibliography and citation system in MLA or Chicago style.
Below are all the required components of the assignment you need to submit:
Introduction and description of your topic. Consider what drew you to the work at hand and what makes it a unique or ordinary account of authoring and authorship. Include a clear thesis that articulates your central position on authorship. (1-2 pages)
Description of the theoretical approaches you have chosen for this case study and why these approaches are the logical choice for your topic. (3 pages)
Analysis of your topic that explores its relationship to these authorship approaches and the authoring at work. This analysis should integrate your outside research on the topic and include direct quotes and paraphrasing from these primary and secondary sources. (3 pages)
Concluding section that includes a summary of your findings and a consideration how your research opens up new lines of analysis for understanding your topic and its medium within its modes of production and consumption. (1-2 pages) … or_12.html

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