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Jet Performance Assignment | Aviation Homework Help Online

Choose a jet aircraft to use as your example for this activity. It should not be an exotic jet aircraft, as you will need to find data online for the aircraft. If you choose a military aircraft, make sure you are not using classified data to support your work. Only use data that is available to all on the internet. You will then use the data you gathered for this particular aircraft to show examples of your performance problems and how you derived them.

To provide an outlook on some of the aspects of the next module’s unaccelerated performance, select a jet aircraft of your choice, choose three (3) of the following items of performance, and prepare an instructional presentation that explains in-depth how to find these different items of performance for a jet aircraft. Available choices:

maximum forward speed in level flight
absolute ceiling
best angle of climb airspeed
angle of climb
best rate of climb airspeed
rate of climb
maximum endurance airspeed
maximum range airspeed
influence of weight on performance
influence of altitude on performance
influence of configuration on performance

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