Internet’s “Entrepreneurial Spirit”: Homework Help

Internet’s “Entrepreneurial Spirit”: Homework Help

Directions: Considering the internet’s “Entrepreneurial Spirit” and the definitions of “Old” and “New” media described in this week’s reading, you should identify one person who has used “New Media” to make a career for themselves. This could include using YouTube (Links to an external site.), Stitcher (Links to an external site.) for podcasting, Twitter (Links to an external site.), Twitch (Links to an external site.), TikTok (Links to an external site.), Instagram (Links to an external site.), a personal website, other platforms, or a combination of these. You should argue why you find their use of new media inspiring!

Examples: You should explain what content they produce, naming specific websites, titles of videos or podcast episodes, images with captions, or written posts, all including dates of posting. Can you describe their overall strategy or strategies in your own words? Do they use new media to sell their books, raise their profile, or maintain fans of their “old media” work in television or film?

Citations: You should also cite the textbook reading twice in your writing your essay (on concepts you think are relevant). You should also cite two other sources (for information), e.g. find an interview or article about this person that will help you explain who they are and what they do. These should be reputable publications, e.g. well known newspapers like the New York Times (Links to an external site.), magazines like Vanity Fair (Links to an external site.), or websites like Wired (Links to an external site.).

APA style: This essay paper should be attached as a Microsoft Word document, formatted in APA style. It should include a title page, abstract page, then 2-3 pages of your writing (at least two full pages), then a reference list page

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