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Integrative Case 2.1- Brazil’s Quest For Comparative Advantage

Mike W. Peng (University of Texas at Dallas)

 Case Discussion Questions

  1. Why is Brazil’s agriculture so competitive?
  2. Why have Brazil’s governments in both the 20th and 21st centuries been eager to develop world-class manufacturing?
  3. How can Brazil shift some of its resources from uncompetitive industries to competitive industries?
  4. While President Rousseff’s critics accuse her of ignoring Brazil’s lack of comparative advantage in manufacturing, her supporters argue that her policies force Brazil to reduce its dependence on foreign-made manufacturing goods. If you were to participate in this debate, which side would you be on?



Integrative Case 2.3 – WOULD YOU INVEST IN TURKEY?

Canan Mutlu (University of Texas at Dallas)

Case study Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss the major competitive advantages and disadvantages for Turkey.
  2. How can emerging economies such as Turkey mitigate certain competitive disadvantages?
  3. As an executive of a multinational based in Australia that is interested in undertaking FDI in emerging economies, would you be interested in investing in Turkey among many options around the world?


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