Human Identity Within Two Body Stealing Films | Homework Help

Your second essay will add analysis of a second sci-fi film to your first essay. Analyze
how your second film represents the theme prominent in your first film. How is the
position in the second movie similar or different and why? In this second essay you
should integrate your analyses of the two films and not simply present them separately.
As you revise and expand your first essay, incorporate suggestions from the instructor
and from your peer editor.
This second essay must employ a minimum of five scholarly sources and be 8 to 10
pages in length. These five sources can include the three you used in your first essay.
Your sources need to be peer-reviewed essays or from books from a university or
well-known trade press.
This second essay must also advance a specific position and support it with evidence
from your scholarly sources. It will be evaluated on the clarity and persuasiveness of
your thesis, clear and concise writing, use of sources, and adherence to the assignment
guidelines. It should be double-spaced, have one-inch margins all-around, and follow
Chicago or MLA Style.

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