History of federalism

(a) Federalism is a distinct characteristic of American democracy. Explain the history of federalism and identify the three leading models utilized by scholars in understanding how federalism works in American democracy. Which model is commonly used today in understanding federalism and what purpose do bureaucrats have in administering the public’s will according to the ideal of federalism?


Meaningful social and scientific research is inextricably wed to communication to produce knowledge, but it is not always an easy or comfortable marriage. Scientists (social and other) and policy analysts are not necessarily good at communicating their research process. It is often hard to read and understand the research of others, let alone writing your own research in ways that communicate your ideas effectively. Choose a public policy problem that is amenable to research and then plug this problem into the seven stages of the research process. In your explanation, make sure you identify and describe major questions that must be addressed in each stage.

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