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So based on the grading rubric for the Grant Proposal, here’s an idea of the headings I’d suggest you use and some thoughts related to each:
1) Focused, boiled-down statement of need — what’s the specific community problem that social workers address that currently has inadequate service provision? Substantiate this well. Remember that when you’re asking for big amounts of money from a foundation, they don’t want fluff. They want cold hard facts, not opinion. So think: what research and data supports this problem I’m identifying in my community?
2) Goals and objectives written in the SMART goal format (Read the assignment instructions to know what a SMART goal is)
3) Methods you’ll use to accomplish each of those SMART goals and objectives
4) Evaluation — how you’ll specifically evaluate EACH goal. Your text gives you ideas on approaches for evaluating your goals.
5) Include a detailed budget (here again, the text gives you really good idea about what that should include).

Students that do well on this assignment have found a foundation (a private organizational funder for non-profits) in their region or state that like to fund organizations that provide services like theirs. Each foundation has funding priorities so a 15-30 minute search online would be wise. You’re trying to fund most of your cost for the first year of operations, though you might want to identify another funder or two to help reduce the amount you’re asking for from one entity. Some students have written in their proposal for millions of dollars to fund their first year. You’ll very likely not get that kind of funding, so narrow down your focus so that you’re focusing on one aspect of the need that you’ve solidly supported by your research. And my last suggestion is: I’ve not seen any paper for this assignment completed in less than 4 pages. There is a lot to cover in this assignment and do it thoroughly, so take your time and respond well to each section of the rubric (see the suggested headings).

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