For this assignment, complete the following components for your recommended AAA Framework and Cryptography Strategy:
• Describe vulnerabilities and threats associated with data being stored, in transit, and in use. Refer to Week 1 for the definitions of threat and vulnerability.

• Compare two cryptography tools and strategies for the project to help protect data stored, in transit, and in use.

• Describe at least three non-cryptographic strategies for protecting stored data, data in transit and/or data in use for the company.

• Describe strategies and identify at least two tools for supporting the AAA framework in your company’s security solution.

• Determine how you would consider applying access control and identify management to protect stored data, data in transit and/or data in use in the company.

• Define at least two policies or guidelines you would recommend to include in your organization’s data security manual.

• You are encouraged to provide resources and citations. Any references should be formatted according to APA style (see Evidence and APA for more information).
Additionally, this week’s assignment must be completed using the Course Project Template fDOCXJ.

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