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Format War and how they changed Hollywood | Do My Homework

Format War and how they changed Hollywood | Do My Homework

Using trade publications and archival materials including Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood, Digiday, Broadcasting & Cable, Tubefilter, Redef, International Federation of Film Archives (Links to an external site.) identify the trends in the coverage of the topic you selected in Module 2. The objective of the report is to determine how your topic has been discussed in trade publication reporting. This report will also serve as some foundational research for your case study later in the course.

Trade publications and archival materials provide key information about what issues, topics, and events are considered important to the industry. In analyzing the articles for patterns, consider examining each article using these questions:

How do the trades frame public discussion of a topic (by repeating various story elements, using common metaphors, quoting similar people, etc.)?
Who are the main spokespeople on a particular topic, and how are they being quoted? Are they mainly industry executives, policymakers, etc.? (Read more from policy formulation and implementation essay paper)
How often are various spokespeople quoted and in what context?
What topics are being covered, and what topics are being ignored?
Which outlets are covering or ignoring an issue or organization that they should be covering?
Is there a time of year when a topic is more likely to be covered than others?
By identifying the framing and key elements of each article, you can analyze some of the patterns, underlying messages, and values of the industry trades.

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Your report should be 4-5 pages and draw from 5 trade press/archival sources. The report should include the following:

brief account of the topic and summary of the trends you identify
topic analysis that provides a detailed description and interpretation of the trends
bibliography at the end of the report
in addition to your 5 trade press/archival sources, you should include a list with 3 academic articles/books on your topic that will be useful to your case study assignment later in the course. The purpose of identifying these at this stage is to receive feedback on the sources you’ve selected.
Note: There are several podcasts that are also worth checking out. Variety’s Strictly Business, Vox’s Recode Media, and KCRW’s The Business all provide in-depth interviews with a range of industry professionals. Also, be sure to check out the Media Industry Conversations speaker series podcasts.

Students will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Appropriate selection of scholarly articles.
Clear and succinct analysis.
Correct grammar, mechanics, and MLA formatting.

Please contact me if you have any questions you can use some or all of the articles summited or some of your own if you want.

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