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In this course students will perform a financial analysis of a Publicly Traded Company of their choice.

The focus of the report will be on the following questions:

How effective has the company been in using its assets?

How effective has the company been in generating returns to its shareholders?

What has been the main driver of the returns to shareholders? Is it leverage or asset productivity?

How solvent is the company?

The structure follows the sections of a short paper. The assignment should be no more than 5 pages without including the pages for the title, references, and appendices.

It should contain the following distinguishable sections:

Introduction. The introduction should be just one paragraph long. It should set the relevance of the topic and finish with the main question you want to answer.

The introduction must end with the research question written in explicit question format.

The Financial Analysis – Financial Ratios and what they tell us about the company.

Conclusion. What is your conclusion about the company? The conclusion should be just one paragraph long.

References. Include all references used in the assignment using APA style.

Make sure there is a strong connection between the introduction and conclusion

Submit your final paper as an attachment (word or pdf) by May 20th, 2022.

The paper will be graded based on

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (20%)
Clarity of objective (20 %)
Financial Analysis using Financial Ratios (40 %)
Conclusion based on Analysis (20%)
So in other words just choose a company and research the questions above.

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