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Film from the Depression Era | Best Movie Assignment Writers

Break up the “wall of words” – copy/paste the questions between your answers and support your claims with vivid, specific examples from the film.

Use italics or underlining for movie titles.

After you’ve completed the Week 3 module, Watch a film from the Depression Era (1930 – 1940) which address Social Class as part of its narrative.

You may choose one of the films from the “Depression Era Films” list in Week Three’s Content. Aim to choose a film not already selected by a classmate.

Identify the social classes in this film and briefly describe them. Is there any one class that is seen as better than the others, or worse than the others? Explain. Support your claims with detailed, specific examples from your chosen film.

The concept of the American Dream – that anyone through hard work can succeed, no matter who they are or where they are from – is an important aspect of America’s self-image as a capitalist democracy. In what ways does the movie you watch speak to The American Dream? Support your claims, with detailed specific examples from your chosen film. Provide at least 3 examples.

Can you give examples of the the American Dream in other films you have seen?

Your main post should be at least 2o0 words. Post the movie analysis paper by Saturday night.

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