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Ethic & Legal Issues in Data | Business Homework Help

Legal and Ethical Issues in Data Governance

Use the following scenario to complete your assignment writing.

At your last yearly checkup with your family physician, the doctor tells you that, after some testing, she has discovered that you have diabetes mellitus, for which she prescribes (electronically) a medication called metformin and places you on a strict diet. You receive your medication a local pharmacy and begin following the recommended regimen. Within a week or so, you begin to notice that you are receiving a large amount of mail and email regarding diabetic supplies, medications, and training courses. You consult an attorney, who, after investigation, has found that your family doctor and her employees do not seem to be the source of the leak of your personal information to advertisers. However, he lets you know that your state has no law against pharmacies sharing your prescription information with others “for business purposes.”

Assignment Requirements

For this assignment, research and write a short paper (3–6 page body section) that includes the following. See the Legal and Ethical Issues in Data Governance Scoring Guide for more information on how your work will be graded.

  • Identify statutory or case law constraints regarding the use of pharmacy data in your state, or any specific state within the United States.
  • Describe the statutory and case law history, and current status, regarding the use of pharmacy data in the state chosen.
  • Compare the laws of the chosen state with at least one other state and with federal rules and federal case law.
  • Identify the individuals’ needs and the needs of the pharmaceutical industry in creating a new federal law dealing appropriately with these competing needs.
  • Illustrate the impact of a new federal law to be entered as a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives addressing the issues raised in this essay paper (congressional rules of formatting not required).
  • Follow APA (6th edition) style and formatting guidelines, use references and citations and create a document that is clearly written and generally free of grammatical errors.


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