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Assignment Details ENGLISH 101: College Comp 1 – Watkins V. – SUMMER 2022 -…
English 101 Research Paper

• Select a subject from the list below, chose a topic within
the subject areas, and write a 6-8 page research paper. • You need to select a topic within the subject and form an
argument about the topic. The topic must be relevant to contemporary society and debatable/arguable. You need to qualify your argument with real world examples you must support your thesis with research and incorporate the research into the paper. The research you incorporate into the paper cannot exceed 20% of the paper. This means 80% of the paper is your objective analysis about the topic and the argument
you present; it is your thinking! • The majority of the research used in the paper must come
from the Databases provided on the LAVC Library Webpage.
Please let me know if you need help using the databases. You can also speak with a Librarian; they are amazingly helpful.
The research must be in MLA format and logically support the thesis. Think about a subject and topic you are interested in learning more about. If you need help choosing a topic, please ask
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Requirements: 6-8 pages
5 secondary sources (only one may be an Internet site, the rest should be databases, books, etc.)
Times New Roman 12 Double Space Black ink Page numbers MLA Format Works Cited Page (the Works Cited page is not page 6; it is an addendum)
Due Dates: (You will lose 1 letter grade if you miss the due date; you will be getting feedback on the First Draft.)
8/10- First Draft- submit a 4 page first draft of the research paper with a Working Works Cited page.
8/18- Final Draft of Research Paper due
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