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English 101 Essay Prompt Writing help

• Select one of the prompts below and write a 6-8 paragraph essay in response.

• The essay must contain a clear and strong thesis, analysis of the topic, and support from the texts listed with the prompt.

• You can incorporate 3-4 quotes from at least 2 of the texts listed with the prompt. You cannot use more than 4 quotes.

• You must document the quotes in MLA format in the body of the paper.

• Do not use sources outside of the texts or analysis other than what you think regarding the topic.

• You can use general examples and observations but nothing written by anyone else except for the texts listed with the English 101 prompt you select.
1. Ethics and morals are integral parts of humanity. An ethical dilemma can force an individual to take pause when making a decision in life. Consequently, a moral dilemma can do the same. An ethical decision or a moral one forces a person to think and consider what is the best possible outcome for the situation at hand. Analyze and argue the way ethics and morals influence judgement and how they can change over time and with experience. Use support in the form of general, objective analysis and from the following texts: “Thank God For the Atom Bomb”, An Animal’s Place”, and/or The Case for Animal Rights”.
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