Employee Retention and Institutional Change at PIGAMU

Read Case 4.2 Employee Retention and Institutional Change at PIGAMU – Access this in the Peng Atlas Case Studies Link in Module 14.

Answer the Following:

How would the presence of an HR department have made a difference in the implementation?
If you were the President, how would you have implemented the changes differently?
What conflict resolution systems would you have instituted during the implementation phase?
How would you have minimized resistance to the changes?
What is the role of societal culture in the case?
If you were invited by the Governing Council as a consultant, what would you recommend to the Governing Council and to the new President?

Minimum length requirement is two to three APA formatted pages with at least two sources cited within your paper.
For assistance with writing an APA format paper, please refer to the Citing Your Sources: APA Formatting page.

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