Discuss some of the course materials

This discussion serves two purposes. We will introduce ourselves, then we’ll discuss some of the course materials.


First, introduce yourself to the class. What is your preferred name? What are some interests? What do you expect out of this course?
Chose one of the following resources and build analysis based on what you read. Add your own research when responding:
Read the 2021 Economic Freedom Index from The Heritage Foundation. Highlight an important finding from the index and discuss why this matters in global economics. Do you see a difference in economic freedom between market-based systems and command economies?
On Page 7 of your textbook, the authors discuss the business environment, using the following factors: Economic and Legal Environment; Technological Environment; Social Environment; and Competitive Environment to build the global business environment. Choose a company to analyze (large or small) and discuss their challenges in these factors.
Inflation is a word you will likely hear over the coming months and years. Research U.S. inflation using tools such as the U.S. Inflation Calculator. Is inflation rising or falling? What are some of the factors causing this? Is this positive, negative, or neutral for the United States macroeconomic outlook?
Discussion Post Instructions

Create your initial post by Friday and respond to at least two classmates by Monday.
Your initial post should be at least 400 words in length, using proper grammar.

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