Differentiating Instruction

For this discussion, you will respond to the Teacher’s Casebook in the Woolfolk text on p.506:

You have started a new job in a high school in your hometown. When you were in school, the student population was largely homogenous — white, working-to-middle class, and English-speaking. There was a “special education” class for students who had serious learning or developmental problems. But, in classes now, you find a wide range of reading levels, family incomes, and learning problems.

A few students are virtually ready for college, whereas several others can barely read the texts and their writing is difficult to decipher. Reading English texts is a challenge for some students, although they seem to speak English with little trouble.

How would you differentiate instruction for these very dissimilar students”?

How would you help the students develop their cognitive problems-solving skills? Give examples.

How would you build differentiated instruction into the design of a course, lesson, or training program?

How would you incorporate creativity, emotional, and tolerance teaching techniques in student learning?

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