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Data Mining & Data Loss | Computer Science Homework Help

Data Mining Methods Available with SAS

Describe how data quality can help or hinder clustering and association algorithms used by data analysts to help decision-makers.

  • How does SAS transformation work to help data analysts create and use a data model?
  • What data mining methods are available with SAS?
  • How does understanding the basics of association or cluster algorithms help a data analyst?


Discussion 2:

Data Loss Recovery Planning

Your organization is currently lacking a data recovery plan in case of an IT disaster that results in data loss. You have been asked to look into current industry best practices and prepare a list of recommendations that could be used as the basis for the organization to begin creating its own IT disaster recovery plan.

For your initial discussion post, address the following:

  • Summarize at least three best practices for creating an IT disaster recovery plan.
  • Explain how your chosen best practices could be used as the foundation for creating an organizational IT disaster recovery plan.
  • Explain how you, as a DBA, could help in implementing an IT disaster recovery plan to ensure a successful rollout and compliance.


Discussion 3:

Examples of Security and Privacy Issues

Discuss the tools available to model the workflows of core business processes. How would you include the data elements related to the workflow processes in the model?

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