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Data Integration in the Insurance Industry | College Assignment Writers

For this assignment you will research how data integration contributes to identification of potential fraud within the insurance industry. Use the information covered in the assigned reading and Internet and library research, or any additional research that is necessary, to fill in any gaps in your understanding of the concepts.

Write a 3 to 5 page paper that addresses the following components:

• Identify examples of potential fraud that can impact the insurance industry. o For example, consider the health insurance industry, which has experienced fraudulent claims processing by illegitimate providers.

• Describe three technologies that are available to support the use of fraud management-related data analytics through integration of data from multiple sources that would be useful in the insurance industry. o Consider the data integration tools that have been covered previously in this course and analyze the role they might play specific to fighting fraud within the insurance industry.

• List the qualities or characteristics of the tools you selected that make them effective in supporting the use of data integration to identify potential fraudulent activities that impact the insurance industry. O One example is the ability to identify all of the properties owned by a particular property owner in order to establish trends across those properties.

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