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Dance Exam Homework Questions | Music Assignment Help Online

Answer the three questions. This includes all bullet points under the question. Each question response should be labeled/identified and all three submitted in one file. The responses for the 3 questions must comprise of AT LEAST 500 words per question (total word count of at least 1500). You must include the word count at the bottom of each question’s answer. Draw from online presentations, assigned readings, and visual materials as evidence/sources to substantiate your claims. Take advantage of all materials introduced in class.

Your responses will be graded based on context, as well as spelling, syntax, and grammar. Include the question and then situate your answer underneath. Remember to respond to each of the bullet points within your answer. Cite your sources. Include the word count below each of your answers. Remember: Place all of your answers in a temporal and historical context–give your reader a sense of the time you are talking about (example: postmodern dance in 1960s-1980s).
Question #1:
In this course, one lens through which we have explored dance is through the lens of innovation.

Answer the following music homework questions fully within your response:

Discuss how “new” dance forms (studied this semester) innovate within the cultural and artistic landscape of a culture, society, or community. In other words, what do these new dance forms bring to a culture, society, or community? And, what is their impact? Explore the social context that may inform the development of the new dance forms.
Within your response, provide at least 3 concrete examples of the different kinds of dance we’ve studied this semester, and discuss why these new dances were created and developed. What are the key factors involved in their development/innovation?

Question #2:
Gender and race are two of the many issues connected to the emergence, development, and evolution of dance in its diverse and multiple forms.

For this question, focus in on either gender or race and trace the concept’s connection to dance through these prompts.

Answer these prompts fully in two separate paragraphs:

Paragraph 1 – Explore how this idea (race or gender) has impacted the formation of the collection of dances we have studied. In other words, how has the concept you chose to focus on (gender or race) influenced or shaped the ways in which dances have emerged and evolved? Provide at least two specific examples.
Paragraph 2 – How can dances, as a medium of culture, work as a way to understand these dynamics (gender or race) in a culture, a society, a community, within history?
Again you are focusing in on either race or gender within your response.

Question #3:
One facet we have explored in this course is how dance is a form of communication and that dances have meaning. We have also discussed the elements choreographers manipulate in constructing dances. Using the skills you have acquired in “reading” (analyzing) dances, re-watch Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin’s (Batsheva Dance) choreographic work “Minus 16.” The accompanying soundtrack is Israeli rock band’s interpretation of the song “Echad Mi Yodea” (do a little research, it might help contextualize the dance).

For purposes of stage perspective and choreographic details, included are two versions of “Minus 16.”
Watch the following versions danced by different dance companies across the globe. (There are three versions and you may find small differences between them all)

The piece starts with a speaking section (one of the versions is missing this part) and the narrator is saying this in English: “The manic behind the laughter, and the co-existence between fatigue and elegance.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHw8lZvH4Es (Links to an external siteLinks to an external site.

Echad Mi Yodea by Ohad Naharin performed by Batsheva – the Young EnsembleLinks to an external site.
Echad Mi Yodea by Ohad Naharin performed by Batsheva – the Young Ensemble

https://vimeo.com/119951428 Links to an external site.

After watching all three clips in entirety, respond to these prompts within your answer.

Explore the meaning of this dance: what do you think this dance is saying and/or what is this dance evoking in terms of a image, or feeling or affect?
Substantiate your claim(s) by describing how the choreographer, in using elements/tools available to a choreographer in making this dance, is revealing what you think is the meaning of this dance.


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