Component Three: Career Explorations

In the third component of your ePortfolio, you will begin preparation for entering employment or a position change. This includes resume preparation and learning more about your field. Additionally, you will learn more about your profession by identifying interview questions and researching job sites. Prior to completing Component Three, visit this site that will discuss Occupation research (

For this component, you will include the following files:

  • How do you create a cover letter and resume suitable for a first time teaching position, a change in teaching position or an entry- level administrative position?
  • Which interviewing questions should you anticipate from a school administrator? How would you respond to these questions that use educational buzzwords such as differentiated instruction, Every Student Succeeds Act, accountability, backward design, reading strategies, etc.? Finally, what questions would you ask the school administrator? Include 5 to 8 of the best interviewing questions with your responses relating to your grade level and content area. In addition, include 3 to 5 questions you will ask.
  • What job sites will you search to obtain a position in your field? Include 3 to 5 job sites including the URL and a brief description (3-6 sentences) of the sites.
  • Include a short narrative (less than one page), describe what it means to be professional in an interview. Include topics of professional dress, personal hygiene, language.
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