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Assignment Details ENGLISH 101: College Rdg&Comp I – Watkins V. – SUMMER 2022 -…

Final- this is the final. The weight of this paper is based on the following:

• Thesis, topic sentences; responds to the prompt

• Analysis-objective, supports the points in the thesis

• Organization- follows the order of the thesis

• Use of textual support

• MLA formatting (Times New Roman 12 Font, Double Spaced; In-text Parenthetical Citations)


Write a 6-8 paragraph essay (paper) in response to one of the prompts below.

Read the prompt carefully, and give a strong thesis and objective analysis in response.
Be sure to use textual support from 2 texts listed with the prompt you select.
In your essay, do not focus solely on the text; focus on the prompt and use 3-4 citations from the texts (at least 1 from 2 different texts) as support. Please cite in MLA format and include page numbers.
The response is an argument and must have a clear thesis, topic sentences, and each paragraph must be 5-6 sentences in length.
1. Experience and knowledge forms perception in numerous ways. The closer or more distant a person is to a situation will affect how he or she views that particular situation. Taking the aforementioned into consideration, argue how experience and knowledge affect the way people view certain situations.
Use support in the form of analysis and examples away from the texts and citations from the following: “Working at Wendy’s”, “Black Men and Public Space“, or “The Clan of the One-Breasted Women”
2. Geography and the environment play an integral part of shaping identity. If a person has never viewed the mountains, he or she may never develop and appreciation for them. Comparatively, if one was raised respecting nature and wildlife, her or she may form infinity for both. Analyze and argue how a person’s relationship and experience with geography and the environment influences the way both are viewed and valued. Use support in the form of analysis and examples away from the texts and from the following: The Trouble With Wilderness” and The Great American Desert“.
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