Close Reading Essay on Titus Andronicus

Your essay will be a close reading which could be of Titus Andronicus. This short paper (4-5 pages, not counting your selected passage if you choose to write the paper this way) is designed to help you work through important themes and concepts in the text and to give you practice in performing literary analysis. This is a formal writing assignments and will receive a grade of A-F.

Your paper should include the following:

A title that indicates the paper’s focus.

A short passage (approximately 10-15 lines) from the play that you’ve retyped at the top of the page.

An argument of interpretation related to the particular passage. What is interesting about it, and what does it reveal about the text’s larger themes, concepts, or poetic, dramatic, or fictional strategies?

A close reading of the passage’s language. How is the author uses literary devices (tone, imagery, symbolism, irony, characterization, genre, structure, point of view, line breaks, sound patterns, rhythm, etc.) to create meaning? You may bring in other textual evidence to support your argument, but the bulk of your paper should focus on your chosen passage.

Separate Works Cited page, which includes an MLA citation of your primary text. Within the text, you are responsible to include in-text citations whenever quotes or paraphrases of quotes are being used. This citation should include both the act and line numbers.

Alternative Option: Rather than focusing on one passage, you can create an arguable thesis and interpretation of the play where you use pieces throughout the work as evidence for your argument. For example, you might want to track a particular image, event, use of language, setting, etc. throughout the work and argue what its presence, repition, or how its juxtaposition may mean or serve in the text.

Optional Prompts:

Explore the role and different dynamics of parenting within the text.

What does the image of the fly represent?

Why is bird imagery used throughout the play?

How is the gender binary challenged through this play?

Can revenge be considered a form of justice?

How does Shakespeare use the dark/light binary, black/white binary within the play?

Explore the role of tradition within the play.

Analyze the play within the play (When Tamora pretends to be Revenge)

Does this text promote alternative forms of communication?

What does the forest represent in the play in juxtaposition to the Andronici estate or imperial palace?

What does rape mean in this text? How is it presented?

Optional Prompts on Persuasion by Jane Austen:

Explore the role of health, illness, and/or the body in Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Analyze the role imperialism plays with Jane Austen’s Persuasion

How can we view Jane Austen’s Persuasion as a text revolving around care and networks of care?

Analyze on the minor character’s in Jane Austen Persuasion (the Crofts, Elizabeth, Mary, Sir Elliot, Mr. Elliot, Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Smith, Lady Russell, James Benwick, Louisa Musgrove, Captain Harvile, or Mrs. Harville)

What is the role of nursing in Jane Austen’s Persuasion?

Is Persuasion by Jane Austen a text about persuasion or dissuasion?

How do we view the ransitioning of British Empire in Jane Austen’s Persuasion (for example, the growing wealthy middle and the downfall of titled families)

Analyze the role of marriage or different approaches to marriage in Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Close read Frederick Wentworth’s letter to Anne. What does this say about the role of place, space, and privacy in this novel and arguably the Victorian period?

Anne and Captain Harville have a heated conversation on which sex is the most steadfast when it comes to love. Who do you agree with? How can the novel be used as evidence to support either side of this debate?

You should write a 4 to 5 Pages essay following the homework guidelines provided above

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