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Classic English Literature – Persuasive Essay | College Homework Help

Overview & Selecting a Topic:

Module 3 – Prewrite and write a first draft
Module 4 – Revise, edit, proofread, finalize and submit assignment
In Modules 2 and 3, we learn about the writing process and using APA style, and the steps necessary to write a clear and concise document. As we progress through Module 4, we learn how to plan and write professional communications that inform and in part persuade. For this writing assignment, we will apply all of our learning toward writing a persuasive essay.

Imagine that you are applying for an Excelsior University grant related to the health care issue you researched in your Module 2 assignment. You will be seeking funding to address any component of the health care issue you identified. For instance, if you identified diabetes as your health issue you could request funding to establish cooking classes in a local community, or if you selected breast cancer you could request funding to open a mobile clinic to perform mammograms. It doesn’t matter the amount of funding, or what specifically you want to request the funding for. Dream as big as you like! The key is to write an essay that persuades the reader (in this case the Excelsior Grant Funding Board) on the importance of your issue and why they should provide you with the funding. (Note: Because this is a persuasive essay, and you are requesting the funding, you may use first-person language for this writing style.)

This essay is structured like a grant application, something that you might put together one day as a healthcare professional. In a grant application you need to thoroughly make your case as to why your project is important, how the grant will be used, and the outcomes you anticipate. This is how the funder decides whether or not to award you funding. Essentially a grant application is a persuasive writing document because you clearly need to justify your project and why it is important in order to receive funding.


For this assignment, you will compose an essay by going through the writing process step-by-step to develop your final grant request essay. This will include:

Pre-writing – thinking about your messages, who you are writing to, and what you want to convey;
Writing the first draft – capturing all your messages and writing persuasively; and
Revising and finalizing – using the tools you learned in Module 2 to revise and edit your first draft and then proofread and submit your final version.
In Module 3, go through the pre-writing phase and write the first draft. In Module 4, go through the revising, editing, proofreading, and finalizing steps to finish your essay.

Your paper should include the following elements, explaining each fully in at least one well-developed paragraph.

Introduction: Provide a short introductory paragraph/thesis statement. In this paragraph, introduce yourself as a professional from your field of study, explain what the health issue is, and what you are seeking the funding for. In your introduction include a summary statement as to why you should receive the grant funding.
Needs Statement: Identify the problem to be addressed by the grant if funded. The needs statement should include at least one piece of data or scientific evidence to support the need for your proposed project. This may come from one of your articles identified in the Module 2 assignment.
Goals and Objectives: You should identify a specific goal for your project as a result of the grant funding (teaching about healthy cooking for diabetes, or early detection for breast cancer). And, you should include 1-2 measurable outcomes anticipated as a result of the project’s activities.
Benefits of the Grant Funding: Persuasively describe how an Excelsior Grant could benefit the individuals facing your health care issue and why it is so important for you to receive the funding. You should be convincing as to why you should receive the grant funding above other applicants.
Conclusion: Provide a persuasive concluding paragraph that shares why you think the funding could be helpful to individuals facing your health issue, why you should be the recipient of the funding, and how this will be beneficial in the future.

At the end of Module 4, submit a final essay that addresses all of the essay elements. Your essay must also include the following:

An accurately APA formatted essay that includes a title page and reference page.
Length of 3 – 4 double-spaced pages, not including the title and reference pages.
Evidence of a thorough proofreading.

* attached is my previous paper on what to continue on.

*may you include your draft and final paper? Both are needed.

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