Baldwin: Sonny’s Blues

Respond to the following questions and then write an essay with support evidence and in-text citation.
The story seems at first to be about the ways that the narrator tries to help and instruct Sonny. In the end, though, what does Sonny teach the narrator?
What does the narrator learn about Sonny and about life?
Each time they fight, Sonny and his brother argue about whether or not the narrator truly listens to Sonny when he talks. Does the narrator ever find a way to truly listen to Sonny?
For the essay, consider how Harlem shapes and reflects the lives of Sonny and his family. Write at least 500 words.
Content: Thesis statement, quality of research, textual support for claims, and organization
Mechanics: spelling, grammar, and punctuation
MLA formatting: in-text citations, Works Cited page format and citation.

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