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Athens and Sparta: Homework Help

Primary Sources and Maps: analyze at least THREE of these to build your main discussion post. Use signal phrases within the text of your post to show where/how you are using them. In your signal phrase, you can use the title (eg. “Map of City Center”, “The “War Casualty Lists”) or other identifying information like the “Digital Library, Cornell University,” but not merely wikipedia since several links are from wikipedia).

Map of the city center:
Map of the Delian League/Athenian Empire:
The Parthenon and Statue of Athena Parthenos:
Athenian Coinage:
Vase paintings:
Tribute Lists:
http://www.davidgill.co.uk/attica/atl578.htm (example of what one of these looked like)
https://www.atticinscriptions.com/inscription/IGI3/259 (translation of the Tribute List from the year 454/3 BC)
War Casualty Lists:
Instructions for your main post: During the fifth century BCE, Athens and Sparta were arguably the two most powerful Greek poleis (city-states). But while few primary sources survive from Sparta, the Athenians’ love of public documentation in a variety of media has left us with an abundance of written and archaeological sources. Using at least THREE of the material sources above, write a 2-3 paragraph main post describing your reaction to the city of Athens and your experience living in the city or visiting it from the perspective of ONE of the following individuals:

A leading Athenian statesman (you can be Pericles himself, if you’d like!)
A merchant who is an Athenian citizen
A merchant who is a citizen of another Greek city-state, and is visiting Athens for business
A poor Athenian resident
A foreign vase-painter living and practicing his trade in Athens
An Athenian citizen’s wife
A slave of an Athenian citizen
An Athenian farmer living in one of the villages outside the city walls
A confused Spartan citizen in town for a diplomatic mission

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