Assignment #4 – Chapter 4 Please answer these questions to the best of your ability using the information that you gathered from

reading the chapter, along with information from your own work experience.

1. Why is important for organizations to conduct regular job analyses? Please explain your answer. How often should job analyses be conducted?

2. Go to and find a position with a detailed job description in the field that you believe is the one in which you will eventually be working.

a. Please report to me the position and what attracts you to the job based on the description.

b. Now go to and find the job specification for a similar position. What are some parts of the job specification for that position that make it seem less desirable to you as

an applicant? What are some parts of the job specification that might make it more desirable

to you as an applicant?

c. What are the similarities and differences between the description of the job and its specification? Please do not copy and paste.

d. Based on your comparison between the job description and the job specification, do you believe you would be a good fit for the job? Why or why not?

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